German as a foreign language

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German training for all language competence levels

Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner the training will be tailored to improve your communication skills and train you in speaking, listening, reading and writing in your every day and in business life. All trainings follow the Common European Reference Frame for Languages as a useful evaluation tool of your personal language competence level. We will work with training books and also make use of specific material you are interested in to make the training actual and lively, coping with your individual requirements.

German language training for business

Specific training is available for professionals, who need to cope with communicative requirements working in Germany. We will focus on business communication, on current formal standards regarding e-mails and letters, understanding or preparing presentations in German and on cross-cultural issues in an international working environment. You can get prepared for a German language exam. But above all: wouldn’t you like to understand your German colleagues’ communication and start communicating with them? No matter which level you have acquired. Speaking to each other is sympathatic, isn’t it!

Preparatory training for German language examinations
If you wish to finish a course to proof your language competence you can get prepared for all competence levels of the Common European Reference Frame. Exam preparations can be implemented in the course, depending on time and your pace or you prepare yourself in a tailor-made course. German language examinations give proof of your German knowledge to yourself  and is a positive feature of your CV. The internationally acknowleged exams take place in independent institutions.

Tortenkurs – Get your share of the German cake!

You wish to tackle the problems of every day life in German, but you don’t want to go through a longer term progressive language learning programme? You have just come to Germany and you would like to go shopping, ask for the right size of your new shoes, order a taxi or a pizza by phone, wou want your special hair-cut, understand the wording and terms of invoices, or register your child at a day-care? The Tortenkurs will provide you with all the information necessary to survive and you will learn many practical things about your new home country. In October 2010 the Tortenkurs was among the ten nominees of  Weiterbildung innovativ 2010, a competition under patronage of the Hessian Ministery for Economy as a creative educational idea for expatriates working and living in a German speaking environment.